Taking Care

~Taking CARE of YOUR Handcrafted Piece of Jewelry~

* Items may need to be polished. Darkening may fade. If your lettering fades you may take a BLACK permanent marker "Sharpie" and rub it over the letters then polish off the excess black this will brighten your black letter.

Tarnishing of materials is the natural process of wearing Jewelry. Our body produces natural acids in some people its stronger then others... so tarnishing may vary. Use a polish cloth to brighten items. Please remember that Copper and Brass will tarnish Alot faster then Sterling Silver.
If you order a Mixed Material Piece it will blacken over time and you will need to polish it.

Please take proper care of your items
*Wear them in water or get soap on them
* Keep your items Dry from Sweat and water
*Take off your Jewelry every night
*If a piece is oxidized it will continue to oxidize its a natural process and can not be reversed when an item is oxidized it will give it a rusty or antiqued look it will not be shinny. It will continue to darken. If it becomes too dark..polish your piece to lighten it.
~Taking CARE of YOUR Handcrafted Piece of Jewelry~

Due to many varying factors, body and earthly, your STERLING SILVER piece will tarnish over time This is the nature of the beast. Here are some tips to keep your custom piece shiny and NEW.

DO NOT wear when using Body Sprays, Perfumes, Hair Products or Household Products

DO NOT clean silver with cleaning dips, polished or liquids. THIS will cause the removal of the darkening in the letters.

Your jewelry should be the LAST THING that you put on in the am and the FIRST THING off in the PM.

If you are not wearing your piece, store it in an air tight container or zip lock bag.

OrganicRustCreations is not responsible for lost or damaged items due to normal wear and tear on item.
OrganicRustCreations is not responsible for items tarnishing PLEASE polish your items.

When giving jewelry as a gift to a child, PLEASE NOTE you assume full responsibility of the child's wear and use of the item.
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